OEM Laser

OEM has founded in İstanbul, Turkey in 1981 and is one of the leading companies in the field of Industrial Automation. As an Automation Solutions Provider, OEM offers machine and process automation for such types of industrial applications.

OEM Laser has started to manufacture positioning laser in 2013. Despite a young manufacturer in this sector, OEM Laser has come a long way and got a considerable market share in a short time owing to be a rooted company. OEM has been developping and producing professional alignment laser devices for positioning applications in industry in compliance with European Standards , since 2013. OEM Laser offers a wide range of positioning laser devices and its accessories and customised solutions according to customer’s needs in order to ensure production efficiency, profitability increase and saving of time.

OEM positioning laser devices have been mainly used on industries such as wood cutting, metal processing, tyre, rubber and plastic manufacturing, marble and ceramic cutting, medical industry, textile and leather industry, industrial automation, plasma cutting and welding applications, paper industry and glass industry.

OEM highly skilled and experienced and customer-oriented support team closely stay in touch with the customer, make detailed analysis and comprehension, then offer customised solutions based on their needs.

We are pleased that our customers consider us a reliable partner rather than a supplier who offer them with all the attention and the skills necessary for the realization of their projects. OEM aims to offer specialised solutions to realize customer’s projects by innovative and intuative approach. Above all other aspects that we focus on, customer satisfaction will be always our main mission and the demands of our customers will be always of top priority for us. We also aim to maximise the customer satisfaction providing satisfactory customer service and friendly support before and after sale.