Marble And Naturalstone Industry

Projecting a visible laser line to the cutting edge of the saw blade by utilising OEM red and green line lasers ensures precise positioning as well as fast operation to align slabs of marble onto the table on marble cutting machines. Laser can be mounted either on the saw head to align with the edge of the saw blade or can be movable in the bridge area.


    Max.Optical Output Power : 10 / 30 / 50 mW

    Optics                                       : Line Laser

    Wavelength / Colour            : 635nm–Red/520nm-Green

    Supply Voltage                      : +5VDC/+24VDC

    Adjustable Focus                  :  Yes

    Housing Dimensions           : Ø20x90/Ø20x120 mm

    IP Rating                                 : IP54

    Laser Class                              : 3B

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