Plasma Cutting And Welding Applications

In the field of metal industry, OEM laser can be used in applications such as: plasma cutting machines and submerged arc welding machines for visual seam tracking. Projecting a visible dot laser beam onto the material to be processed enables precise positioning on plasma cutting and submerged arc welding application. It ensures time sawing and work quality.

  • OEM-LS

    Max.Optical Output Power : 10 / 20 mW

    Optics                                       : Line Laser

    Wavelength / Colour            : 635nm–Red / 520nm-Green

    Supply Voltage                      : +5VDC / +24VDC

    Adjustable Focus                  :  No

    Housing Dimensions           : Ø16x80 mm

    IP Rating                                 : IP67

    Laser Class                              : 3B

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