Textile Industry

OEM alignment lasers have been mainly used in the field of textile such as precise positioning of the T-shirts before printing, displaying the position of sewing machines, positioning for sewing pockets, aligning tissue at the entry of the machine, marking the operating point on cutting machine, positioning for ironing, position display of buttons or buttonholes.


    Max.Optical Output Power : 10 / 30 / 50 mW

    Optics                                       : Line Laser

    Wavelength / Colour            : 635nm–Red/520nm-Green

    Supply Voltage                      : +5VDC/+24VDC

    Adjustable Focus                  :  Yes

    Housing Dimensions           : Ø20x90/Ø20x120 mm

    IP Rating                                 : IP54

    Laser Class                              : 3B

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