Tyre Manufacturing

OEM Laser has been helping tyre manufacturers to increase their productivity and quality by ensuring the validity of their processes utilizing our proprietary positioning laser devices. Three laser lines displays the precise position of the rubber strips on the drum, one is placed in the middle to display central line and two are placed to the right and left of the middle line, at the same distance away.


    Max.Optical Output Power : 10 / 30 / 50 mW

    Optics                                       : Line Laser

    Wavelength / Colour            : 635nm–Red/520nm-Green

    Supply Voltage                      : +5VDC/+24VDC

    Adjustable Focus                  :  Yes

    Housing Dimensions           : Ø20x90/Ø20x120 mm

    IP Rating                                 : IP54

    Laser Class                              : 3B

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